Maui Recycling

Recycling Bottles


Residents and visitors can recycle cardboard, newspaper, glass containers, plastic bottles and aluminum and steel cans at any of the County's Recycling Drop Box Centers.

Loose Tiles


Habitat ReStore in Wailuku accepts and sells new and gently used building materials and household items. Donations by appointment only.

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Not all recyclable but important to keep out of the landfill. Next collection event is TBD.

Wait, why can't I recycle this?

Materials Recovery Facilities, also known as MRF's, separate and prepare recyclables for sale to manufacturers. In Hawaii we are incredibly isolated from all of these end-user markets/ manufacturers. Our distance coupled with our small size makes certain items that may be recycled elsewhere not economically feasible to recycle. 

Please follow the recycling guidelines below to help our MRF be as effective as possible. The better we do, the more volume they can recycle and the less that is sent back because of contamination (which is paid for with taxpayers dollars).

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