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We're Hiring! Zero Waste Maui Coalition Manager

We are growing and looking to hire a staff member to help us re-activate a zero waste Maui Nui!

Please review the position description below. If you have the passion, mindset and skills to help us complete this work, apply by October 17, 2022!

Zero Waste Maui Coalition Manager

​Hours: 15 hours/week Pay: $24.00-$27.00/hr (based on experience) Schedule: Flexible Term: November 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023

Position Summary

The Zero Waste Maui Coalition Manager (ZWMC) is a part-time, temporary position with the potential to advance to full-time. The primary duties of this position are: 1) to begin to implement the ZWMC 5-year Strategic Plan, and 2) to fulfill current grant deliverables.

The ZWMC Manager will be an employee of Zero Waste Hawai’i, a 501(c)3 non-profit with the mission to help (re)build an equitable and waste-free Hawai’i through local partnerships. Zero Waste Hawai’i is the current fiscal sponsor of the ZWM Coalition. The Manager will report directly to the ZWMC Steering Committee for guidance, mentorship and collaboration on executing the strategic plan. The manager will submit timesheets to Zero Waste Hawai’i and work with the Executive Director of Zero Waste Hawai’i to ensure current grant deliverables are met.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Execute the deliverables of the current County of Maui grant awarded to the ZWMC, which includes recycling education activities and zero waste consulting

  • Pursue the objectives outlined in the ZWMC Strategic Plan

  • Cultivate a healthy, connected, and engaged zero waste community

  • Answer public inquiries via email, phone and social media

  • Represent ZWMC for public speaking opportunities

  • Develop written and visual content for the website, social media posts, grant applications, and internal documents

  • Engage with other community organizations and the public to strengthen and build partnerships

  • Recruit, engage and coordinate volunteers

  • Track and weigh in on appropriate local policy measures

  • Engage the public in policy as appropriate to meet strategic plan goals

  • Develop educational materials

  • Organize and facilitate advisory board meetings

  • Ensure compliance with grants through meeting deadlines and reporting


  • A bachelor’s degree in an applicable field and at least (2) years of experience working in program management, social change, sustainability or community engagement OR 4 years of relevant experience

  • A current resident and community member within Maui Nui

  • Experience working in Hawaiʻi, particularly in community-organizing, program management, and/or the sustainability sector

  • A community-oriented mindset and long-term commitment to social and environmental health in Hawaiʻi

  • Experience managing grants and program budget(s)

  • Enthusiasm for and experience with building community partnerships

  • Experience working with government agencies, business, networks, and other professional organizations

  • Experience managing large events and gatherings, both in-person and virtual

  • Experience facilitating meetings, including creating agendas and taking minutes, summary report writing and handling multiple tasks concurrently


  • A high EQ and an aptitude for developing healthy, reciprocal community and team relationships

  • Strong organizational skills with the ability to self-direct work and follow-through

  • Confidence to ask for feedback and support as needed

  • Clear, concise, and effective writing

  • Confidence public speaking (in a wide range of settings)

  • Proficiency in the use of tools and technology relative to program management and execution

  • Employs effective community-organizing strategies

  • Ability to exercise tact and diplomacy in internal and external organizational settings

  • Working knowledge and understanding of the foundational values of Kānaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian) culture, history, current events, and community interests

  • Strong leadership skills, accountability, and a sincere commitment to the mission, objectives, goals, purpose, and values of ZWMC

  • Brings inspiration, imagination, drive, and creativity to the workplace and into community relationships

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